Marketing Through Change with Jodi Navta

Industry: Marketing

Role: CEO and Founder, Varsity Time

What is the craziest or most inspirational thing you've witnessed in your marketing career?

P&G’s ‘Thank you Mom’ Campaign Ad: “Strong”. It transcends advertising and creates the most human connection on so many levels. I sob every time I watch it. Whether its sports, school, music, or something else, my heart stops for a second when I see my children experience a pivotal moment. This campaign is a reminder that being a parent is full of heartache, love, joy and everything in between and that being there for your children is a #1 priority. To all the young women and men out there – you can have it all! Your career should enhance your family life, not threaten it.

What is the best thing you have learned about marketing during this crazy time of pandemic?

I have learned that being adaptable and deeply connected to your company culture is essential to successfully weathering times like this. If you really truly know what makes your organization tick, you will be well positioned to help support, lead, and position your company in the most authentic way. Being honest, real and approachable is more important than ever.

What is the biggest marketing mistake you've made, and how did you adapt going forward?

Not moving quickly enough to help change a trajectory of an organization that needed to pivot in order to survive. It was a family business with 20 years behind it. We acted with emotion to our own detriment. The positive was that this experience taught me the importance of building consensus, making true and tough leadership decisions that have served me well throughout my career.

When you look in your crystal ball, what advice can you offer marketing leaders over the next five years?

Never stop being curious. Times change fast and being up to date on technology and macro trends will keep you relevant as a marketer. Don’t leave it up to the younger generation to bring that knowledge to the table. Stay ahead.

Any parting thoughts/words of wisdom?

Hire people who you want to be successful and do everything you can to make their success a reality. And be sure to celebrate their success every step of the way! That is true leadership.