Brand Promise

By Bonni Kaplan DeWoskin

In my last post, I wrote about the link between culture and business resilience. Today, I am thinking about the link between brand and business resilience. What makes a solid brand that can quickly and successfully adapt to unanticipated business challenges?
My money is on the brand promise. A brand is not a logo or a tag line. It is a promise. A promise to all stakeholders about the experience they can CONSISTENTLY expect to receive with every interaction. Think of some of the brands we all know – Nike, Coca-Cola and Subaru. Their respective brand promises are “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world"; “refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, and inspire moments of optimism” and of course Subaru’s “love promise.”
A huge part of what makes these companies and brands successful is that they live up to these promises in everything they do – advertising, social media, the way they treat their employees and the products they sell. You, as a consumer, know what you are getting when you interact with the brand.
What do you stand for?
Brand promise extends beyond the company for which you work. It is also relevant for you as an employee, co-worker, job candidate, etc.
I have been thinking about my own professional brand promise. I hired an executive coach to conduct a 360 degree assessment to help me clarify and objectively validate what it truly is, not just what I think it is. It was an amazing process that I found immensely valuable.
I now have confirmation that those who work with me can expect “to achieve verifiable, replicable and transformational success with integrity, energy and grit.” That is my brand promise.
Do you know your brand promise? If not, I highly recommend conducting your own objective assessment to define and validate what it is. I can say with confidence and from experience that it will help you better communicate your value and live up to expectations.