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Re-imagine what marketing can do. 

Bonni Kaplan DeWoskin is ready to help you grow and achieve your business objectives as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer or in whatever capacity is right for your organization. An experienced marketer who is passionate about using marketing and leadership skills to advance healthcare, Bonni loves to creatively disrupt the status quo.  

With 25+ years of experience, Bonni is a technologically-curious, agile, player-coach who loves to roll up her sleeves. She loves to try new things and take a certain amount of risk to innovate and stand out from the crowd.

Bonni Can help with:

Strategic Marketing and Branding | Team Development | New Product/Service Launch | Media/Public Relations, Advertising and Promotions | Differentiation Strategy/Category Development | Optimizing and Leveraging the Prospect and Customer Experience | Organization-Based Marketing | Digital Marketing | Developing and Leveraging Strategic Partnerships | Persona Development / Customer Segmentation| Budgeting/Planning